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In addition to the direct health impacts of COVID-19, we are experiencing parallel shadow pandemics of racial discrimination and violence, housing precarity and homelessness, and negative effects of isolation. These occurrences disproportionately affect our vulnerable communities. For example, Asian diasporic communities have seen troubling intensifications of racism that have had negative impacts on personal safety.

Receipts is a multimodal interface that receives (via voice, video, and/or text), anonymizes, archives, and performs (on the web and in public) the testimony of people that have experienced or witnessed anti-Asian aggression in public spaces.

At its core, this project is concerned with addressing safety in public space by focusing on the social and technical aspects of recording and publicizing testimony. We hope to build on this prototype in order to develop a more robust and flexible tool that can be modified and employed by equity-seeking groups to influence political decision-making.

Part of The Bentway's Safe In Public Space initative, Toronto, Canada. More information at: